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60th Anniversary September 15th 2017

Fellow Past & Present Students, Staff, Friends, and Family, Holy Cross College Arima celebrates its 60th Anniversary.

Elle Clarke: “Hi all. Just a gentle reminder that 2017 marks the 60th Anniversary of Holy Cross College.

Elle Clarke: “I cannot speak in an official capacity just yet. However, suggestions are welcomed.”

Neil Walcott: “Do you’ll know that the College celebrates 60 years of existence this September? Can all or some of you passionate past students make some gesture of appreciation towards the institution.”

David Richards: “Suggestion: Mass at the church and a cocktail on the school’s grounds thereafter.”

We are kindly asking all of you to mark our 60th Anniversary by coming to celebrate together. Giving thanks to God for our past, present, and future.

Walk-A-Ton and Family Day Saturday 28th February, 2015

hccscenery2aPhoto courtesy Flloyd Hernandez

The Walk-A-Ton and Family Day is on the 28th of February 2015. The Walk starts or departure time at our College is 6.30 AM, and after the Walk-A-Ton, we head right back to the College.

Family Day follows after the Walk-A-Ton. Come back to the College and take part in Football, Cricket, and some good Card Games etc. Participants are welcome to bring their Coolers for the Walk-A-Ton and the Family Day.

We have donations sheets. Money can also be donated to the College, because the College has intentions of moving forward with a Form 6 Business Class. The College only has a Form 6 Science Class.

We are asking for supplies of Water, Juice, Soft Drinks, and whatever assistance can be rendered we are thankful.

Medical Assistance where necessary for the people who are walking is being arranged. The Police is involved to assist with the walking through the streets.

We’re hoping to have things on sale. If we can have Contributions with Medals for the Events, that will be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your donations, contributions.

For additional information, for donations sheets for our Walk-A-Ton, to give donations to our College, or to supply us money for Medals, and Refreshments – Water, Juice, Soft Drinks, etc.

Kindly Contact

Alicia Evans

Stephen Olliviere

Our College

God bless you. Thank you for your interest and support.