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60th Anniversary September 15th 2017

Fellow Past & Present Students, Staff, Friends, and Family, Holy Cross College Arima celebrates its 60th Anniversary.

Elle Clarke: “Hi all. Just a gentle reminder that 2017 marks the 60th Anniversary of Holy Cross College.

Elle Clarke: “I cannot speak in an official capacity just yet. However, suggestions are welcomed.”

Neil Walcott: “Do you’ll know that the College celebrates 60 years of existence this September? Can all or some of you passionate past students make some gesture of appreciation towards the institution.”

David Richards: “Suggestion: Mass at the church and a cocktail on the school’s grounds thereafter.”

We are kindly asking all of you to mark our 60th Anniversary by coming to celebrate together. Giving thanks to God for our past, present, and future.

Class of 94 Taste Meh Hand

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‎Donnie Nancoo‎ on behalf of The Holy Cross College Graduating Class Of 1994:


On the 14th November 2015 we are hosting the first Taste Meh Hand” hosted by Crossmen Can Cook…
Location is the Arima Tennis Court. Start time is 3pm until…. Music is available. Coolers allowed, and you can walk with your drinks.

Admission is free. No dress code – so short pants and slippers welcomed as we have a real old boys lime.

We are seeking the best pot bubblers and the menu is also open be creative.

Guys you are free to walk with your lady or ladies as we plan to make this event memorable. Please tell as much to come out and support. Please stay in tune to our group chat and pass on the message to our brothers we are still trying to make contact with.

Come out and represent Science, Arts and Business. And may the best taste take home the Trophy.

Please contact any of the committee members if you wish to partake in the cookout. Register your team free of charge.

Contact: Walt 784-9316, Donnie 397-9895, Weslee 681-3013, Daryl 678-0349, Kester 382-2910

We have group jersey’s available. Price $100 tt and ladies tees.

All is invited. Please share with everyone to support our event as we show what Crossmen can do.

Look forward to a sucessful event and hope to see everyone. Have a great time.


Class of 94″